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Ergodex DX1 Suite

We provide software to control and configure the Ergodex DX1 programmable keyboard.  This is an excellent device that has not had consumer grade control software since the release of Windows Vista.  This software is provided free of charge.


The Ergodex DX1 is a customizable and programmable keyboard.  It provides movable keys that you can program so you can create your own keyboard layout.  This can be very useful for computer gaming and productivity in hotkey-centric applications. 
The current release provides the following features:
  • Support for Windows 7 x64, 8 x64
  • Specialized WinUSB-based driver for communicating with the device, signed for Windows 8 support
  • System-tray icon interface for opening a configuration application
  • Ability to program keys on the DX1 to any standard keyboard key
  • Persistent Data (Remembers your configuration data between runs of the software) (2.01.0055)
  • Ability to define and switch between different configurations of the DX1 (2.02.0070)
  • Ability to program DX1 keys to modified keyboard keys (such as SHIFT-A) (2.03.0101)
  • Ability to program DX1 keys to multi-key macros (2.04.0128)


Partially implemented:


  • Macros - you can record and playack, but there is no edit capability
  • Support for Windows XP x32/x64, Vista x32/x64 - these probably work but have not been tested


Planned features:


  • Support for multiple DX1 devices on a single system


Available Releases:

Driver Installation Instructions
  • Download and extract the driver from the releases section above to a location of your choosing (you will use this below)
  • Open Device Manager (Windows Key, type "device man", hit enter)
  • If you have a driver installed already, remove it
    • Find the installed driver, which is probably in Sound, video and game controllers, right click it, and uninstall it
    • Refresh the display by clicking Action -> Scan for Hardware changes
  • Install the In-Character driver
    • DX1 Pad should show up under Other Devices with a yellow exclamation point
    • Right click it and choose Update Driver Software
    • A window should pop up, choose Browse my computer for driver software
    • Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
    • Select Show All Devices and click Next
    • Click Have Disk
    • Click Browse
    • Browse to the driver extracted above
    • Double-click ErgoUSB.inf
    • Click OK (should be on Install From Disk) window
    • Click on DX1 Pad under Model and then click Next
    • Choose Yes on the Update Driver Warning window
    • Choose Install this driver software anyway on the Windows Security window
    • It should take about 30 seconds or so and then tell you it is installed, you can close all windows